F. S. Chebib

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A series of 56 measurements was derived from lateral cephalometric radiographs of a large sample of subjects. These measurements were subjected to a principal-component analysis which resulted in a series of six components (factors). These factors, represented in general terms and in rank order of their percentage sample variability were as follows: Factor(More)
IN PERIODONTICS there is a need for objective measurements in monitoring disease processes and in assessing the effectiveness of treatment. The purpose of this study was to compare gingival temperatures with indicators of gingival inflammation in order to examine the application of temperature as a diagnostic aid. In six patients the temperature of(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to study the pattern and constancy of temperatures recorded in the gingival crevices and some factors affecting them. The temperatures of the interproximal crevices in the maxillary and mandibular arch of 16 female dental hygiene students were evaluated at the time of examination, immediately afterwards and following a(More)
Interrelations among acarine, fungal, and environmental components of bulk grain ecosystems were determined by canonical correlation analyses. Twenty-seven variables were measured monthly in samples collected from 2 identical grain bulks in a granary in Winnipeg during the years 1959–67. The relationships between 9 kinds of arthropods and 6 environ mental(More)