F Russell Quinn

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Entrainment is an important pacing maneuver that can be used to identify reentry as a tachycardia mechanism and define components of the circuit. This review examines how principles of entrainment can be used to arrive at a firm supraventricular tachycardia diagnosis using a simple algorithm and builds a foundation for the application of entrainment to more(More)
BACKGROUND Population-based screening for atrial fibrillation (AF) is a promising public health strategy to prevent stroke. However, none of the published reports have evaluated comprehensive screening for additional stroke risk factors such as hypertension and diabetes in a pharmacy setting. METHODS The Program for the Identification of 'Actionable'(More)
In the Black-Scholes model, stocks and bonds can be continuously traded to replicate the payoff of any derivative security. In practice, frequent trading is both costly and impractical. Static replication attempts to address this problem by creating replicating strategies that only trade rarely. In this thesis, we will study the static replication of exotic(More)
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