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Epiphytic lichen and bryophyte distribution and frequency were investigated on the trunks of 145 young oak trees throughout London and surrounding counties, and compared with pollution levels and bark pH. Sixty-four lichen and four bryophyte species were recorded. Three major zones were identified: (i) two central regions with a few lichens, bryophytes(More)
Chloroplast DNA sequences were obtained from 331 Asplenium ceterach plants representing 143 populations from throughout the range of the complex in Europe, plus outlying sites in North Africa and the near East. We identified nine distinct haplotypes from a 900 bp fragment of trnL-trnF gene. Tetraploid populations were encountered throughout Europe and(More)
This paper seeks to present an algorithm for the prediction of frontal spatial fidelity and surround spatial fidelity of multichannel audio, which are two attributes of the subjective parameter called basic audio quality. A number of features chosen to represent spectral and spatial changes were extracted from a set of recordings and used in a regression(More)
AUDIO This preprint has been reproduced from the author's advance manuscript, without editing, corrections or consideration by the Review Board. The AES takes no responsibility for the contents. When assessing the spatial performance of a sound reproducing system, a knowledge of the dimensions forming the perceived spatial impression is important. In this(More)
The subjective effects of controlled high frequency limitation of the audio bandwidth on assessment of audio quality were studied. The investigation was focused on the standard 5.1 multichannel audio setup (Rec. ITU-R BS.775-1) and limited to the optimum listening position. The effect of video presence on audio quality assessment was also investigated. The(More)
Previous research has indicated that the relationship between the interaural cross-correlation coefficient (IACC) of a narrow-band sound and its perceived auditory source width is dependent on its frequency. However, this dependency has not been investigated in sufficient detail for researchers to be able to properly model it in order to produce a(More)
Microsatellites were isolated and a marker system was developed in the fern Adiantum capillus-veneris. Polymorphic markers were then used to study the genetic diversity and structure of populations within the UK and Ireland where this species grows at the northern edge of its range, requiring a specific rock habitat and limited to a few scattered(More)
The effect of division of attention between the evaluation of multichannel audio quality and involvement in a visual task (playing a computer game) was investigated. It was observed that involvement in a visual task may significantly change the results obtained during evaluation of audio quality for some listeners and for some experimental conditions. It(More)