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Normalization of brain images is a crucial step in MRI data analysis, especially when dealing with abnormal brains. Although cost function masking (CFM) appears to successfully solve this problem and seems to be necessary for patients with chronic stroke lesions, this procedure is very time consuming. The present study sought to find viable, fully automated(More)
This paper describes work being undertaken as part of the IERAPSI (Integrated Environment for the Rehearsal and Panning of Surgical Intervention) project. The project is focussing on surgery for the petrous bone, and brings together a consortium of European clinicians and technology providers working in this field. The paper presents the results of a(More)
Distributed virtual reality, thanks to newly proposed paradigms, offers interesting perspectives to virtual world modelling. Our main interests are in applications which allow users to edit and deform existing shapes. This paper presents a concurrent virtual world modelling application base on those ideas. As well as a first implementation based on VIPER(More)
The objective of this paper is to collect the main latest results on pulsed digital oscillators. Rigorous and experimental results are presented that show what kind of sequences are at their output, the relation between these sequences and those of first-order sigma-delta modulators and how is their performance in practical applications. A new variation of(More)
Novel rehabilitation interventions have improved motor recovery by induction of neural plasticity in individuals with stroke. Of these, Music-supported therapy (MST) is based on music training designed to restore motor deficits. Music training requires multimodal processing, involving the integration and co-operation of visual, motor, auditory, affective(More)
The farm planning problem is a critical aspect in the design of decision support systems (DSSs) for complex farm advising. Traditionally, the approaches to this problem have been very simple and unable to manage the complexity of the problem, which involves scheduling of field tasks, investment analysis, machinery selection, cost/benefit analysis, and other(More)
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