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In this paper, MIMO techniques are applied to network coding in order to exploit the spatial diversity inherent in packet combining. This is possible because network coding and MIMO solve similar problems, namely to decode a vector of transmitted symbols given a vector of received samples. This observation leads to a new approach for NC coding/decoding. Our(More)
In recent years, Dispersed Generation have been broadly used and are expected to become in the future electric power system an important way for exploiting distributed energy resources or for supplying associate demands of electricity and heat (cogeneration). DG are relatively small, usually in kW to MW range, are generally connected to the grid at(More)
MIMO_NC is a recently proposed physical layer technique that combines MIMO signal processing and Network Coding. However, it has also been shown that the diversity offered by MIMO_NC cannot be greater than what standard NC offers. In this paper we propose a new encoding strategy for MIMO_NC that improves the diversity order and a rate adaptation technique(More)
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