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Dendritic cell-based (DC-based) vaccines are promising immunotherapies for cancer. However, several factors, such as the lack of efficient targeted delivery and the sources and types of DCs, have limited the efficacy of DCs and their clinical potential. We propose an alternative nanotechnology-based vaccine platform with antibacterial prophylactic abilities(More)
Retrieving the vast amount of information carried by a photon is an enduring challenge in quantum metrology science and quantum photonics research. The transverse spatial state of a photon is a convenient high-dimensional quantum system for study, as it has a well-understood classical analog as the transverse complex field profile of an optical beam. One(More)
—Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN 1) have gained worldwide attention in recent years, due to their potential for development of applications in various areas: health, environmental monitoring, control and monitoring processes, etc. Due to the complexity of WSN design, it is necessary to employ design methodologies at a very high level of abstraction which(More)
Transfection is currently used to insert molecules into cells. In vivo transfection is mainly performed via viral or chemical transfection. However, electrical transfection is known to be a more efficient way to insert drugs into cells without side effects. In spite of this advantage, not too many devices allow to perform electrotransfection in vivo because(More)
In this paper a methodology to perform optimizations in the hardware implementation of a speech recognizer is presented; this methodology explores the design space from a very high level representation of the algorithm. We expose how to accelerate the process of speech recognition by exploiting the inherently concurrent decoding stage. Finally, we show the(More)
REVERIE – REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Im-mersive Environments – is a large scale collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission targeting novel research in the general domain of Networked Media and Search Systems. The project aims to bring about a revolution in 3D media and virtual reality by developing technologies for safe,(More)
Biological cluster of cells may be seen as porous media, where the cells are the " solid grains " and the extra-cellular space (ECS) the " pores ". It is often the case in dense clusters of cells that the flow rate of liquid inside the extracellular space is negligible in front of the molecular diffusion. In the particular case of tumoral cells, the(More)
Development of embedded systems has been growing significantly in the last years, specially, in systems aimed to multicore platforms. As the complexity of these systems grows, high level reliability models are required in order to guarantee correct operation. Currently, there is a lack of design methodologies that consider reliability as an inherent(More)
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