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Presents a tool for designing locomotion plans and controlling their execution, suited for mobile robots with an extensive set of command and perception primitives. The use of this tool is illustrated by its application to RAMI, a four-tiltable-track robot fitted to a large scope of applications requiring high locomotion agility. A discussion of plan(More)
The first decade of the new millennium saw an upsurge in global financing for health. When the world took stock of progress on the Millennium Development Goals in mid-2010 the one addressing maternal health showed the least progress. Did maternal health miss the boat? In mid-2010 the Secretary-General of the United Nations launched a "Global Strategy for(More)
Classification of urban areas from a density measure is required in many application fields. For instance, propagation models for cellular radio networks are parameterized by coefficients whose value is linked to the nature of the soil. Geomarketing is also interested in knowing the population concentration (urban, suburban ...). This paper presents the(More)
The Seminar. The seminar is a graduate level introduction to demography, where contemporary perspectives are developed with attention to theoretical and empirical substance. Specifically, the course addresses the study of demographic processes, focusing on the character, size, distribution, and composition of populations. Emphasis is placed on the key(More)