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Spinal arachnoid cysts are considered to be rare entities, intradural locations are even less common. We report two cases of patients (two women aged 77- and 21-year-old) who presented spinal cord compression by intradural arachnoid cysts. For the second patient, repeated surgical procedures were necessary to improve the neurological status. After(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Lumbar synovial cysts are an uncommon cause of radiculopathy, low back pain and neurogenic claudication. We report a retrospective analysis of the clinical presentation, radiological studies, operative findings and outcome in 52 patients surgically treated for symptomatic lumbar synovial cysts. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective data(More)
Tuberculomas of the spinal cord are rare. The objective of this study was to illustrate the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculomas of the conus medullaris. They must be suspected in patients with a clinical context and a typical spinal cord mass lesion. Treatment is primarily medical. Surgery is reserved for cases of rapid neurological deterioration or(More)
OBJECTIVE In 1988, the neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists at the Val-de-Grâce hospital decided to create a stereotaxis site using advanced medical imaging date (CT-scan or MRI). METHODS Two MRI machines and on CT unit were linked to a network (ETHERNET) available for radiologists in 1989. Neurosurgeons adapted stereotaxis sites using Leksell, Fisher and(More)
Inflammatory pseudotumor is an uncommon tumor, initially described in the lung, but which can involve various organs. It is a controversial entity. We report the case of a 19-year-old-man with an inflammatory pseudotumor localized in the central nervous system, revealed by epilepsy. Characteristically, the inflammatory pseudotumor is an inflammatory mass(More)
A neurohypophyseal granular cell tumor was found in a 60-year-old man who presented diminished visual acuity. Neuronavigation resection via a fronto-pteronial approach removed split up material. The diagnosis was established by histology and immunochemical studies. Granulous cell tumors, which are common, are rarely located in the neurohypophysis. Their(More)
Chondromyxoid fibroma is an uncommon benign bone tumor of cartilaginous origin. It is often located in long bone metaphysis. We report a case involving the left frontotemporal cranial vault in a 44-year-old woman. Fifteen cranial vault cases have been reported in the international literature. Surgical resection of the lesion with tumor-free margins is the(More)
Summary Management of symptomatic thoracic disc hemiations is difficult because of their polymorphic symptomatology and hardness to join the intervertebral thoracic disc surgically. The objective of this study was first to show the difficult diagnosis of these discal herniations and their posterior approach particularities; secondly, to analyse our results(More)
The authors present the results of neuronavigation as a help to open neurosurgery for the tumors of the third ventricle. From January, 1995 to August, 1999, six image-guided surgical procedures were performed to remove third ventricle lesions : 4 colloïd cysts, 1 ependymoma, and 1 craniopharyngioma. The operative approach was transcortical in 5 cases, and(More)
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