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Fibromyalgia and ADHD share some clinical features, and a reduced dopamine function has been proposed for both disorders. Here we found, in a large sample of fibromyalgia female patients, a higher frequency of childhood ADHD antecedent when compared with healthy women. Our data suggest that Fibromyalgia and ADHD have some common etiopathological mechanism.
30 depressed patients were submitted to repeated sessions of sleep deprivation. The results obtained in a previous study were confirmed: after 36 hours of wakefulness there is an important overall improvement, albeit followed by a partial or total relapse the second day after. There are no counter-indications, even for elderly subjects with psycho-organic(More)
In in vitro studies, the influence of pH and the concentration of albumin on the binding of tryptophan to this protein is shown. Addition of palmitic acid to human plasma decreases specifically bound and increases free tryptophan. In separate experiments, free and bound tryptophan, tyrosine, free fatty acids (NEFA) and albumine were studied in healthy(More)
Clinical ratings, psychophysiological and biochemical measures were taken from 30 depressive patients before and after sleep deprivation of one night. Most patients improved after sleep deprivation. We found signs of activation and stress, without correlation with clinical improvement. The biochemical changes did not correlate with clinical improvement(More)
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