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Based on the Network Algorithm proposed by Mehta and Patel for Fisher’s Exact Test on 2× c contingency tables, the relations betweenmaximum subpath lengths are studied.A recurrence relation betweenmaximum subpath lengths is obtained and an ordering of the maximum path lengths is established. Based on these results, somemodifications in the NetworkAlgorithm(More)
The problem of obtaining the maximum probability 2 c contingency table with fixed marginal sums, R1⁄4 (R1,R2) and C1⁄4 (C1, . . . ,Cc), and row and column independence is equivalent to the problem of obtaining the maximum probability points (mode) of the multivariate hypergeometric distribution MH(R1; C1, . . . ,Cc). The most simple and general method for(More)
Lopez-Baeza, E., A. Albitar, C. Antolin, J. Balling, F. Belda, C. Bouzinac, A. Buil, F. Camacho, A. Cano, E. Carbo, A. Coll, M. Davidson, S. Delwart, A. Fidalgo, A. Hahne, S. Juglea, Y. Kerr, B. Martinez, C. Mätzler, S. Mecklenburg, A. Mialon, C. Millan, C. Narbon, M. Parde, F. Requena, K. Saleh, M. Schwank, N. Skou, S. Søbjærg, J. Tamayo, I. Torralba, E.(More)
Simulation of micro-thrusters intended for space propulsion relies on accurate modeling of those physical processes that occur highly coupled in the micron-sized scale. In fact, micronozzles exhibit significant differences when compared to their large-scale counterparts, so their modeling requires accounting for specific aspects to achieve success in the(More)
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