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A polymer chain tethered to a surface may be compact or extended, adsorbed or desorbed, depending on interactions with the surface and the surrounding solvent. This leads to a rich phase diagram with a variety of transitions. To investigate these transitions we have performed Monte Carlo simulations of a bond fluctuation model with Wang-Landau and umbrella(More)
The competitive random coadsorption of dimers and monomers, with probabilities P(D) and P(M), such as P(D)+P(M)=1, respectively, is studied numerically by means of Monte Carlo simulations. Excluded volume and nearest-neighbor infinite repulsion between unlike species is considered. The subtle interplay between competitive coadsorption, jamming behavior and(More)
Employing Monte Carlo simulations, we show that the topology of the phase diagram of a single flexible homopolymer chain changes in dependence on the range of an attractive square well interaction between the monomers. For a range of attraction larger than a critical value, the equilibrium phase diagram of the single polymer chain and the corresponding(More)
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