F. Ramírez

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This paper revisits the Switched Power Junction or SPJ-formalism and shows that a SPJ can be represented by a suitable combination of standard BG-junctions and boolean modulated transformers (bMTF). This allows for an easy implementation of SPJs in BG-oriented simulation software, as it is shown via its programming in 20sim®. Modeling and simulation of the(More)
Apart from the own dimension n of a complex filiform Lie algebra, the first invariant known for these algebras was the lower central sequence of the algebra, obtained by Ancochea and Goze in 1989. Later, Echarte, G omez and N u~ nez, in 1996, and ourselves, in the same year, obtained the invariants i and j, respectively. In this paper, we prove new(More)
This manuscript presents the results achieved after using the Central Force Optimization (CFO) algorithm, proposed by Formato on 2007, for solving a system of nonlinear equations, which represents an electronic circuit operating on dc. At first, a brief theoretical foundation of CFO is shown, as well as a theorem that shows why it is possible to solve this(More)
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