F.R. Vincenzi

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This paper proposes a new half-bridge three-level inverter topology. The structure is quite simple and employs a reduced number of components, implying increased robustness, low volume and weight and also high power density. The analytical study of the converter is described, and some results are presented in order to validate the proposal.
A new current sourced switched power amplifier configuration is presented in this paper. The amplifier topology and control strategy are simple and easy to implement. This amplifier can follow the reference signal in every load condition, from no load to full load range. Moreover, it can be employed in low voltage and high voltage applications. Suitable(More)
This paper presents a new topology of soft-switching two-switch forward converter associated to a quadratic boost converter, which provides large voltage step-up (from 12 V/sub dc/ to 80 V/sub dc/). The combination of the stages results in a switched-mode power supply (SMPS), whose output voltages are +200 V/sub dc/ and -200 V/sub dc/. The operation of both(More)
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