F. R. Mathiesen

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The conversion of soluble starch to cyclomaltohexaose (α-CD), cyclomaltoheptaose (β-CD), cyclomaltooctaose (γ-CD) and cyclomaltononaose (δ-CD) by cyclodextrin glycosyltransferases (E.C. from Bacillus spp. and bacterial isolates was studied. The results show that δ-CD was formed by all the enzymes investigated in the range of 5%–11.5% of the total(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether specific parameters measured on MR images correlated to electrophysiological changes in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). MATERIAL AND METHODS Prospective clinical examinations were made of 20 patients with suspected CTS. We performed bilateral electrophysiological examinations of the median nerve and bilateral MR imaging of the(More)
The iliac compression syndrome is caused by impaired venous drainage of the left leg, secondary to compression or stricture of the left iliac vein at, or just before, its junction with inferior vena cava. Serious potential complications are deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, venous congestion, and the resultant incapacity. Nine patients in whom the(More)
On the basis of a retrospective study of 61 cases of carcinoma of the prostate, it is attempted to evaluate the prognosis, either by way of a clinical classification into stages or by histological grading. Both types showed a clear-cut correlation with the prognosis. Collation of the clinical classification into stages and the histological grading of the(More)
79 patients with intermittent claudication were tested with peripheral blood pressure measurement and determination of minimal walking distance before and after a 3 months' period with scheduled walking exercises under supervision. No change in peripheral blood pressure was observed following the treatment whereas the minimum walking distance was increased(More)
Erectile impotence is a well-known complication of vascular surgery in the aorto-iliac area. So far the pathogenesis has not quite been understood, but peroperative damage to the autonomous nerves has been suggested. Ninety-eight men with arterial insufficiency in their legs underwent an additional sexual evaluation including penile blood pressure(More)