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INFORMATION FOR SUBSCRIBERS AND AUTHORS Australasian Lichenology is published twice a year, in January and July. Each subscription is for 10 issues over a five-year period. All mailings outside New Zealand are by first-class air. If you subscribe after the five-year period begins, you will re­ ceive the issues already published in that period (mailed by(More)
Acknowledgments The work in this thesis owes much to the generosity, support and mentorship of many people. First and foremost are Scott Baldridge, my advisor, and Shea Vela-Vick, who has been a second advisor in all but title. I am extremely grateful to the Louisiana State University Board of Regents for a four-year fellowship to study mathematics. My(More)
Test anxiety, described as "the most virulent impediment to effective role functioning in an educational setting" (Myers, R. A. 1986, Research on educational and vocational counseling; Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior Change, pp. 728), is readily treatable through use of relaxation and desensitization strategies. To reduce clinician involvement, and(More)
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