F. R. Ladan

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The one-dimensional heat flow equation controlling the temperature of a current-driven hotspot (HS) in a long superconducting microbridge is reexamined in all its components. The resulting nonlinear differential system, which admits temperature-dependent thermal conductivities, and a blackbody-like phonon radiation into the substrate, is solved numerically.(More)
2014 High frequency ballistic phonons were radiated by the heat pulse method (To 4.2 K) into degenerate n-type indium antimonide crystals. We first review the relevant aspects of the electronphonon interaction : cut-off for phonon wavevectors larger than twice the Fermi radius (q > 2 kF), selective coupling of the longitudinal modes and screening(More)
We present experimental and theoretical studies of the diffraction by an x-ray lamellar multilayer amplitude grating. The main diffraction properties of such a device are given. Experimental efficiency curves are obtained at 800 eV photon energy using synchrotron radiation. The features observed in these curves are identified and interpreted by means of two(More)
We have completed a comparative study on YBaCuO/PrBaCuO/YBaCuO trilayer junctions according to the crystallographic orientation of the films used in order to determine the best orientation to get a Josephson junction working at 77 K. To this end, 100% a-axis, [110] and [103] oriented samples have been deposited using the hollow cathode method. In order to(More)
The spatial separati~n of electrons and holes in OaAs/filAs "indirectMtype perla lattice^ is evidenced by the enhancement of optical transition probability under a longitudinal electric field. The electronic properties of QaAs-AlAs short period superlattices CSL) have been recently investigated with renewed interest, due to the ability of such "new(More)
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