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BACKGROUND Petalostigma pubescens and Petalostigma triloculare were common components of pharmacopeia's of multiple Australian Aboriginal tribal groupings which traditionally inhabited the areas in which they grow. Among these groups, they had a myriad of medicinal uses in treating a wide variety of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. This study was(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditional methods of screening plant extracts and purified components for antiviral activity require up to a week to perform, prompting the need to develop more rapid quantitative methods to measure the ability of plant based preparations to block viral replication. We describe an adaption of an MS2 plaque reduction assay for use in S.(More)
The toxicity of Xanthorrhoea johnsonii methanolic leaf extract was investigated using the Artemia franciscana nauplii bioassay. At 24 h, the extract produced an EC(50) of 361.0 ± 41.8 μg/ml, indicating that it was substantially more toxic than the pesticide Mevinphos (1346.2 ± 80.1 μg/ml) and approximately 4 fold less toxic than potassium dichromate (87.1 ±(More)
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