F. -R. Chen

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To understand the effects of the interaction between genetic polymorphisms and obesity on the risk of hypertriglyceridemia (HTG), two polymorphisms, an SstI polymorphism on the apolipoprotein CIII gene and a HindIII polymorphism on the lipoprotein lipase gene, were analyzed in 339 Chinese subjects with (82 cases in the HTG group) or without HTG (257 cases(More)
Resolution and sensitivity of the latest generation aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopes allow the vast majority of single atoms to be imaged with sub-Ångstrom resolution and their locations determined in an image plane with a precision that exceeds the 1.9-pm wavelength of 300 kV electrons. Such unprecedented performance allows expansion(More)
It is now established that the 3D structure of homogeneous nanocrystals can be recovered from in-line hologram of single projections. The method builds on a quantitative contrast interpretation of electron exit wave functions. Since simulated exit wave functions of single and bilayers of graphene reveal the atomic structure of carbon-based materials with(More)
The electron diffraction pattern (EDP) formed on the back focal plane of objective lens and the image formed on the image plane are related each other by Fourier transform. In addition, the kinematical diffraction theory and weakphase object approximation hold approximately for very thin samples, such as those affording structure images with atoms or atomic(More)
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