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BACKGROUND The purpose of this pilot study was to examine whether the technique of decision analysis, including sensitivity analysis, could be used in a clinical quality-assurance program. METHODS This research was performed in a family practice residency clinical practice. A computerized decision analysis model was developed for selection of initial drug(More)
A case is presented of a postpartum woman in whom hypertension and pulmonary edema developed after administration of bromocriptine mesylate. Caution is advised when there is additional recent use of cocaine because of a suggested potentiating action of cocaine on the development of adverse cardiovascular and cerebral sequelae in postpartum patients who take(More)
BACKGROUND During the 1988 measles epidemic in Houston, Texas, the Harris County Medical Society made each of its members aware of the Centers for Disease Control recommendations concerning revaccination of persons born between 1957 and 1971. A review of records in a family practice residency clinic found a revaccination rate of only 11% among this(More)
An awareness of pitfalls and perils in diagnosis of traumatic injuries to the genitourinary tract, and indications and contraindications for studies and instrumentation, will help diagnose these sometimes underdiagnosed injuries and help minimize morbidity. Suspicion of testicular torsion should lead to prompt urologic consultation, and priapism also should(More)
Toxoplasmosis is usually asymptomatic in pregnant women but poses a risk of severe effects on the fetus. One to eight of every 1,000 pregnant women become infected, and the infection is transmitted to the fetus in approximately 40 percent of these cases. The risk of transmission rises with increasing gestational age at the time of initial infection.(More)
For most patients, hypercholesterolemia can be effectively lowered with drug therapy but only after several issues have been considered. First, drug therapy should never be considered without adequate dietary intervention. Dietary therapy may be effective for many patients with mild to moderate elevations in cholesterol. None of the drugs used to treat(More)
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