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The authors report their experience on 22 neonates (14 males and 8 females) with primary megaureter. In 18 patients a prenatal diagnosis was available, in the other four the diagnosis was suspected during a neonatal ultrasound screening. The dilatation involved the right ureter 7 times and the left 13 times, in 2 patients it was bilateral. Intravenous(More)
Esophageal dysfunction has been reported after successful repair of esophageal atresia but its nature has not been clearly defined. We studied esophageal motility in 20 newborns with esophageal atresia by recording intraluminal pressure of both proximal and distal segments. The investigation was made by pressure monitoring of the upper pouch via the mouth(More)
Urogenital Sinus (UGS) malformation can be ascribed to an arrest of normal embryonic vaginal development. Neonates with UGS frequently have ambiguous genitalia, rarely the vulva may be normal. The aim of this work is to define the role of prenatal sonography in the diagnosis of UGS associated with hydrocolpos and/or hydrometrocolpos. The Authors report(More)
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