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M. Stanoiu, F. Azaiez, Zs. Dombrádi, O. Sorlin, B. A. Brown, M. Belleguic, D. Sohler, M. G. Saint Laurent, M. J. Lopez-Jimenez, Y. E. Penionzhkevich, G. Sletten, N. L. Achouri, J. C. Angélique, F. Becker, C. Borcea, C. Bourgeois, A. Bracco, J. M. Daugas, Z. Dlouhý, C. Donzaud, J. Duprat, Zs. Fülöp, D. Guillemaud-Mueller, S. Grévy, F. Ibrahim, A. Kerek, A.(More)
The neutron-rich (66,68)Ni have been produced at GANIL via interactions of a 65.9A MeV 70Zn beam with a 58Ni target. Their reduced transition probability B(E2;0(+)(1)-->2+) has been measured for the first time by Coulomb excitation in a (208)Pb target at intermediate energy. The B(E2) value for (68)Ni(40) is unexpectedly small. An analysis in terms of large(More)
2014 The 12C(16O,12C)16O reaction was studied by particle correlation measurements. It is shown : i) that the double excitation mechanism is very important in the exit channel, ii) that the alignment of the residual nucleus 16O is very strong. J. Physique 45 (1984) 65-69 JANVIER 1984, p Classification Physics Abstracts 24.70 25.70 27.30
2014 A strong polarization of 20Ne levels has been observed in the 16O(16O, 12C)20Ne* reaction along an axis perpendicular to the reaction plane. This polarization differs from that reported in the (7Li, t) reaction, when the same nuclear levels were populated. D.W.B.A. calculations which fitted both angular distributions and polarization in the (7Li, t)(More)
The structure of the A/Z = 3 nucleus B has been investigated using the in-beam γspectroscopy technique with a fragmentation reaction of a S beam on a Be target at 77.5 MeV · A. The fragments were identified and selected by their energy loss and time of flight using the SPEG spectrograph. γ-ray energies and intensities have been measured in coincidence with(More)
The energies of the excited states in very neutron-rich (42)Si and (41,43)P have been measured using in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy from the fragmentation of secondary beams of (42,44)S at 39A MeV. The low 2(+) energy of (42)Si, 770(19) keV, together with the level schemes of (41,43)P, provides evidence for the disappearance of the Z=14 and N=28 spherical(More)
The reduced transition probabilities B(E2;0(+) --> 2(+)(1)) of the neutron-rich (74)Zn and (70)Ni nuclei have been measured by Coulomb excitation in a (208)Pb target at intermediate energy. These nuclei have been produced at Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds via interactions of a 60A MeV (76)Ge beam with a Be target. The B(E2) value for (70)Ni(42)(More)
In the framework of the PARRNe program (Production d Atomes Radioactifs Riches en Neutrons) of IPN Orsay, various techniques are currently used to characterize the release properties of elements of interest from a UCX target. On-line studies have been carried out with two plasma ion sources: a Nier–Bernas and a hot plasma ISOLDE-type (the ISOLDE(More)
D. Sohler,1 M. Stanoiu,2,3 Zs. Dombrádi,1 F. Azaiez,2 B. A. Brown,4 M. G. Saint-Laurent,3 O. Sorlin,3 Yu.-E. Penionzhkevich,5 N. L. Achouri,6 J. C. Angélique,6 M. Belleguic,2 C. Borcea,7 C. Bourgeois,2 J. M. Daugas,3 F. De Oliveira-Santos,3 Z. Dlouhy,8 C. Donzaud,2 J. Duprat,2 Z. Elekes,1 S. Grévy,3 D. Guillemaud-Mueller,2 F. Ibrahim,2 S. Leenhardt,2 M.(More)