F. Pool

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The aim of this study was to determine whether lamotrigine can be re-introduced safely and with a benefit in young people who previously had a mild rash associated with the first introduction of this drug. In the first 150 young people (5-19 years old) treated with lamotrigine in a special centre for epilepsy, seven developed a mild rash soon after starting(More)
Carica papaya L. plantlets, normally exhibit low rooting capacity when cultured in vitro. It has been suggested in other species that auxin concentration at root tissues, is the result of a reflux system driven by auxin influx transporters (AIT; AUX1/LAX) and auxin efflux transporters (AET; PIN), that regulates the mechanism of initiation and development of(More)
Global DNA methylation changes caused by in vitro conditions are associated with the subculturing and phenotypic variation in Agave angustifolia Haw. While the relationship between the development of albinism and in vitro culture is well documented, the role of epigenetic processes in this development leaves some important questions unanswered. During the(More)
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