F. Pontiggia

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SUMMARY The PiSQRD web resource can be used to subdivide protein structures in quasi-rigid dynamical domains. The latter are groups of amino acids behaving as approximately rigid units in the course of protein equilibrium fluctuations. The PiSQRD server takes as input a biomolecular structure and the desired fraction of protein internal fluctuations that(More)
The ALADYN web server aligns pairs of protein structures by comparing their internal dynamics and detecting regions that sustain similar large-scale movements. The latter often accompany functional conformational changes in proteins and enzymes. The ALADYN dynamics-based alignment can therefore highlight functionally-oriented correspondences that could be(More)
The interconversion between inactive and active protein states, traditionally described by two static structures, is at the heart of signalling. However, how folded states interconvert is largely unknown due to the inability to experimentally observe transition pathways. Here we explore the free energy landscape of the bacterial response regulator NtrC by(More)
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