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Diego A Rodriguez, Sebastian Zamorano, Fernanda Lisbona, Diego Rojas-Rivera, Hery Urra, Juan R Cubillos-Ruiz, Ricardo Armisen, Daniel R Henriquez, Emily H Cheng, Michal Letek, Tomas Vaisar, Thergiory Irrazabal, Christian Gonzalez-Billault, Anthony Letai, Felipe X PimentelMuiños, Guido Kroemer and Claudio Hetz* Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Center for(More)
Recently there has been a growing interest and progress in using total least squares (TLS) methods for solving blind deconvolution problems arising in image restoration. Here, the true image is to be estimated using only partial information about the blurring operator, or point spread function (PSF), which is subject to error and noise. In this paper, we(More)