F. Perea-Ganchou

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To determine the relationship between first service conception rate (FSC) and the postpartum period (PP), 6160 calvings from 2250 crossbred dual-purpose cows were analysed. The effects of breed predominance (BT: Bos taurus and BI: Bos indicus), season of service (dry, intermediate and humid), parity (1 or 2 and more), agroecological region (Sub-humid and(More)
To study the effectiveness of a treatment with an intravaginal progestagen in combination with estradiol-17β (E-17β) on estrus induction, prevention of prolonged anestrus and fertility in noncycling crossbred zebu cows, a trial was conducted in a farm in Zulia state, Venezuela. Fifty noncycling suckled crossbred cows (B. taurus x B. indicus) with 60 dpp(More)
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