F. Perdigao

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Unlike in data communications, multimedia communications through heterogeneous networks is still far away of being achieved due to lacking of solutions at all protocol layers. The main objective of this research work is to evaluate the performance of a high frequency (HF) wireless network for transporting multimedia services. Beyond of allowing(More)
Future end-to-end network delivering allows us to access to multimedia contents anytime and anywhere. Ionosphere communications is part of the future network convergence and interoperability. This paper deals with digital speech communications at very low bit rates like 2 and 4 kbps transmitted over long distance short wave channels at High Frequencies (HF)(More)
This paper is intended as an overview of the REC project. Hence, its starts with a description of the original goals and the reasons which led us to restructure the proposed workplan. A short summary of the main results in each task is then included, followed by a section on which were, in the opinion of the consortium members, the strongest and weakest(More)
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