F Pangilinan

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells containing one or more abnormal kinetochores delay anaphase entry. The delay can be produced by using centromere DNA mutations present in single-copy or kinetochore protein mutations. This observation is strikingly similar to the preanaphase delay or arrest exhibited in animal cells that experience spontaneous or induced(More)
The spindle assembly checkpoint-mediated mitotic arrest depends on proteins that signal the presence of one or more unattached kinetochores and prevents the onset of anaphase in the presence of kinetochore or spindle damage. In the presence of either damage, bub2 cells initiate a preanaphase delay but do not maintain it. Inappropriate sister chromatid(More)
The spindle assembly checkpoint modulates the timing of anaphase initiation in mitotic cells containing improperly aligned chromosomes and increases the probability of successful delivery of a euploid chromosome set to each daughter cell. We have characterized cDNA sequences from several organisms with highly significant predicted protein sequence(More)
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