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  • F P Meyer
  • 1994
The table presented provides the therapeutic, toxic and lethal serum concentrations (to the extent demonstrable) of drugs. The use of plasma levels when administering drugs increases the likelihood of attaining a therapeutic response and serves to minimize the toxicity. The therapeutic range of agents should be used as a guideline and must be interpreted in(More)
Gastroesophageal reflux is associated with adenocarcinoma in Barrett's esophagus, but the incidence of this tumor is rising, despite widespread use of acid-suppressing medications. This suggests that refluxed material other than acid might contribute to carcinogenesis. We looked for potentially carcinogenetic effects of two bile acids, deoxycholic acid(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the concentration and kinetics of dorzolamide in the aqueous humor after its topical application. METHODS Samples of aqueous humor were collected at the beginning of routine cataract surgery at defined intervals after topical application of a 2% solution of dorzolamide. After deep-frozen storage of the samples, drug extraction was(More)
  • F P Meyer
  • 2001
There are many well-known factors and variables which play a role in the evaluation of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic results gained from healthy volunteers. The genetic constitution is influenced by age, sex, circadian and seasonal variations, dietary factors, immunological function, alcohol intake, smoking, etc. Vesell repeatedly pointed out these(More)
The suitability of nanoparticles as a drug-carrier system for the antiepileptic valproic acid has been studied in mice. The aim of the study was to increase the brain-to-serum ratio of the drug to reduce dose-related side effects in the periphery. The influence of nanoparticles on the metabolism of valproic acid was also investigated. The serum kinetics and(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of reduced haloperidol, the main metabolite of the antipsychotic drug haloperidol, on psychopathology improvement and extrapyramidal adverse effects in acute schizophrenia. The steady-state pharmacokinetics of reduced haloperidol was studied. Serum concentrations of reduced haloperidol (C(RH)) and(More)
Although several studies have been performed on the serum level-therapeutic effect relationship of neuroleptic drugs, the application of therapeutic drug-monitoring of neuroleptics is still a matter of controversy. Until now, haloperidol provided the most promising results. For this reason, an investigation of the dependence of clinical improvement on(More)
Infections in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus, Rafinesque) induced by the sporozoan Henneguya (Protozoa: Myxosporidea) result in seven known and diverse disease manifestations. Most outstanding is an interlamellar branchial form responsible for significant losses among immature catfish, and a unique papillomatous form. The question of whether or not(More)