F P Meersseman

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Dogs were repeatedly exposed to SO2 (500 ppm) in a gassing chamber. A significant increase in lung resistance and elastance as well as clinical and radiological signs similar to those seen in human chronic obstructive respiratory diseases were observed. Inflammatory changes of the bronchial mucosa and typical pictures of central-acinar emphysema were shown(More)
77 epileptics receiving a combination of anticonvulsants have been studied. 25(OH)D3 levels were diminished in 38% of the patients, markedly so in 25%. iPTH levels were elevated in 13%. Total, as well as ionized, serum calcium levels were significantly lower in the epileptic patients, as compared with a control population. Serum P, Mg, and plasma total CO2(More)
Two cases with vitamin D-deficient osteomalacia of digestive origin (coeliac disease) have been treated orally with 1,25(OH)2D3 in dosages of respectively 8 and 3 microgram/24 h. Serial transiliac bone biopsies have been performed. Mineralization fronts were normalized after respectively 4 and 1.5 months, whereas mineralization rates, as demonstrated by(More)