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OBJECTIVE To test whether an audit facilitator could alter the pattern of diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma. DESIGN Randomised stratified controlled trial. SETTING 12 general practices in Tayside. SUBJECTS 3373 children aged 1-15 inclusive who had symptoms suggestive of asthma or possible asthma drawn from a systematic review of 10,725(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine how often children with asthma are absent from school compared to the 'average' child and to assess the validity of school absence as a marker of morbidity for asthma. DESIGN Case control study. SETTING Children registered with 12 general practices, attending 98 primary and secondary schools in the Tayside region. SUBJECTS 773(More)
In order to tackle the problems of underdiagnosis and undertreatment of asthma in childhood general practitioners need to be aware of which children in their practices have or might have asthma. In an effort to identify a cohort of asthmatic or potentially asthmatic children a trained audit facilitator studied all the medical records of children aged(More)
Using a large data base of respiratory morbidity in children the opportunity arose to explore the link between what was written in general practice case records and the subsequent risk of a child developing an asthma attack or hospital admission due to asthma. Children with five or more consultations in one year for respiratory symptoms had a 33% risk of(More)
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