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We report error-free spectral encoding and decoding operation of an InP monolithic, ultra-compact optical-CDMA encoder/decoder photonic chip pair. The experimental results demonstrate the strong potential for realizing high performance O-CDMA networks with InP micro-systems. 1. Introduction The Optical Code Division Multiple Access (O-CDMA) technology(More)
We realize a high-precision 10-channel InP-based Arrayed-Waveguide Grating (AWG) with a 10-GHz channel spacing. The AWG showed approximately 10dB excess-loss, 10 dB crosstalk, and 8.2 × 6.8 mm 2 dimensions. 1. Introduction Ultrahigh-density WDM systems require high-resolution wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing components. Silica-based AWGs have(More)
We demonstrate a compact monolithically-integrated InP optical arbitrary waveform generator, consisting of an arrayed waveguide grating pair with 10 GHz channel spacing, 10 high-speed optical amplitude modulators, and 10 high-speed optical phase modulators. 1. Introduction Line-by-line pulse shaping [1], in which intensity and phase manipulation of(More)
The nature and control of individual metal atoms on insulators are of great importance in emerging atomic-scale technologies. Individual gold atoms on an ultrathin insulating sodium chloride film supported by a copper surface exhibit two different charge states, which are stabilized by the large ionic polarizability of the film. The charge state and(More)
The phase errors of a 20 GHz AWG fabricated on InP are determined by measuring the intensity and phase of the pulse train produced by the transmission of a short pulse through an AWG. High resolution array waveguide gratings (AWG) in InP expect to play important roles in future high-performance optical communications, signal processing, and computing(More)
A covalent bond between an individual pentacene molecule and a gold atom was formed by means of single-molecule chemistry inside a scanning tunneling microscope junction. The bond formation is reversible, and different structural isomers can be produced. The single-molecule synthesis was done on ultrathin insulating films that electronically isolated the(More)
Broad Gaussian line shapes are observed in scanning tunneling spectroscopy of single, localized electronic states induced by Cl vacancies in ultrathin NaCl films on Cu surfaces. Using a simple inelastic resonance tunneling model, we show that the observed broad line shapes are caused by a strong coupling between the localized state and the optical phonons(More)