F. O. P. Hechtel

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The bite of the medicinal leech bleeds for many hours. For decades it has been assumed that the remarkably prolonged bleeding time of a leech bite wound is due to hirudin, a specific anti-thrombin secreted by the leech during feeding. By measuring haematological parameters of blood oozing from a leech bite wound on 15 different occasions in 7 human(More)
Six cases of pharyngeal leech (identified as Myxobdella africana) are reported from a highland area of North Kenya. Three patients were severely anaemic and one died. There have been sporadic reports of leech infestation of man in East and Central Africa but these reports lack correct identification of the leech. This paper includes a detailed account of(More)
Prolongation of haemostatic parameters in the host achieved by hatchlingHirudo medicinalis differs quantitatively but not qualitatively from those achieved by adult leeches. The duration and the rate of blood loss from the bite wounds, the gain in body weight of leeches and the duration of feeding each increase with successive feeding episodes. The mean(More)
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