F. O. Clark

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Black Si (b-Si) with gold or silver metal coating has been shown to be an extremely effective substrate for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). Here, we demonstrate that it is also a highly versatile SERS platform, as it supports a wide range of surface functionalizations. In particular, we report the use of a molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP)(More)
The colonisation of Rutland Water by benthic invertebrates has been monitored from 1976 when the reservoir was first filled. A modified Ekman grab was used to sample populations quantitatively while false substrates and dredge samples were used to obtain supplementary data. Hand net and hand-sorting were used to study the littoral zone. The dominant taxa in(More)
We report the detection of very cold dust in a small and isolated dust cloud. Observations at 60, 90, 135, and 200 m show a constant surface brightness ratio I135=I200 and a flattening of I90=I200 towards the cloud centre. The dust temperature derived from the far-infrared colours can be confined to the range of 12-15 K assuming a 2 dust emissivity. The 60(More)
  • P . R . Wesselius, M . E . van den Ancker, +10 authors F . Lahuis
  • 1996
We report the detection of pure rotational lines of H2 observed in the direction of three young stellar objects in the BD+40 4124 group, with the short-wavelength spectrometer (SWS) on board ISO. The rotational population distributions of all three stars are consistent with a thermal distribution. The derived kinetic temperatures are 500 K for BD+40 4124(More)
We consider spectral modeling of the diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs). We focus on two aspects of DIB spectral modeling that are often overlooked, but significantly impact the interpretation of a spectral fit in terms of a potential molecular carrier. The first concerns ambiguities in the retrieved spectral parameters. Very different combinations of(More)
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