F. Nicodemi

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We study a bound state of fractional D3-branes localized inside the world-volume of fractional D7-branes on the orbifold C 3 /(Z 2 × Z 2). We determine the open string spectrum that leads to N = 1 U (N 1) × U (N 2) × U (N 3) × U (N 4) gauge theory with matter having the number of D7-branes as a flavor index. We derive the linearized boundary action of the(More)
By using the explicit knowledge of the lowest energy single particle wave functions in the presence of an arbitrary magnetic field, we extend to the case of a torus Jain's idea of looking at the FQHE as a manifestation of an integer effect for composite fermions. We show that this can be realized thanks to a redefinition of the vacuum state that is(More)
We compute off-shell three-and four-tachyon amplitudes at tree level by using a prescription based on the requirement of projective invariance. In particular we show that the off-shell four tachyon amplitude can be put in the same form as the corresponding on-shell one, exhibiting therefore the same analyticity properties. This is shown both for the bosonic(More)
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