F. Nicodemi

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  • Gerardo Cristofano, Giuseppe Maiella, +6 authors F. Nicodemi
  • 2005
We review the main results of the effective description of the Quantum Hall fluid for the Jain fillings, ν = m 2pm+1 , and the non-standard ones ν = m pm+2 by a conformal field theory (CFT) in two dimensions. It is stressed the unifying character of the m-reduction procedure to construct appropriate twisted CFT models, called Twisted Models (TM), which by(More)
We compute off-shell threeand four-tachyon amplitudes at tree level by using a prescription based on the requirement of projective invariance. In particular we show that the off-shell four tachyon amplitude can be put in the same form as the corresponding on-shell one, exhibiting therefore the same analyticity properties. This is shown both for the bosonic(More)
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