F. Nejabatkhah

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Today, conventional power systems are evolving to modern smart grids, where interconnected microgrids may dominate the distribution system with high penetration of renewable energy and energy storage systems. The hybrid ac/dc systems with dc and ac sources/loads are considered to be the most possible future distribution or even transmission structures. For(More)
A new three-input dc-dc boost converter is proposed in this paper. The proposed converter interfaces two unidirectional input power ports and a bidirectional port for a storage element in a unified structure. This converter is interesting for hybridizing alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic (PV) source, fuel cell (FC) source, and battery.(More)
This paper proposes a new multi-input dc boost converter for grid-connected hybrid Photovoltaic (PV)/Fuel cell (FC)/Battery power system, supplying a residential load. In this structure each switching cycle of proposed boost converter is divided in to five switching periods in comparison with conventional structure. These switching periods introduce five(More)
The high penetration level of power electronics interfaced distributed generation (DG) systems creates great ancillary services potential through the DG interfacing converters, such as the grid unbalanced voltage compensation. However, the unbalanced voltage compensation may cause adverse effects on the DGs' operation, such as output active power(More)
With the high level penetration of power electronics interfaced Distributed Generation (DG) systems, applying these systems to compensate the grid voltage unbalance is becoming an important and interesting ancillary service for the utility. However, compensating the unbalance voltage leads to active power oscillation from the DG and may cause adverse(More)
In order to integrate renewable energy into the utility grid with high penetration, AC/DC hybrid microgrids have obtained much attentions in recent years since they feature both advantages of AC microgrids and DC microgrids. In an AC/DC hybrid microgrid, the parallel-operated AC/DC bi-directional interfacing converters (IFCs) are key elements to connect AC(More)
Today, interests on hybrid ac/dc microgrids, which contain the advantages of both ac and dc microgrids, are growing rapidly. In the hybrid ac/dc microgrid, the parallel-operated ac/dc bidirectional interfacing converters (IFCs) are increasingly used for large capacity renewable energy sources or as the interlinking converters between the ac and dc(More)
This paper describes the optimal operation performance of a brushless dc motor (BLDC), fed by a z-source inverter accompanying with photovoltaic (PV) system, drives a water pumping system. Albeit the conventional PV water pumping systems, including a two stages converter, the proposed system employs a Z-source inverter (ZSI) to extract the Maximum Power of(More)
This paper describes a novel operation performance of a brushless DC motor (BLDC), fed by a Hybrid Distributed Generation System (HDGS). The HDGS is accompanied with photovoltaic (PV) array, fuel cell stacks and a battery to supply a fixed power for driving a BLDC motor. The HDGS employs a novel multi-input DC boost converter for utilizing DG sources in a(More)
This paper develops a grid connected hybrid PV/FC/Battery power system proposed by authors. This system integrates photovoltaic (PV) array, fuel cell (FC) stack and battery as input power sources in a unified structure by means of a new three-input DC-DC boost converter which supplies a grid-connected inverter. In this structure, each switching cycle of the(More)