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In this paper, the classification of five types of rubber leaf disease by using the spectrometer and SPSS are presented. There are five of leaf disease that have been used as samples which are Oidium secondary leaf fall, Fusicoccum Leaf Blight, Bird eye’s spot and Anthracnose. The reflectance of the infected leaves sample is measured by using MCS600(More)
This paper presents the design and development of high performance accelerating and optimization technique for accelerate the process of DNA sequences alignment. The scope of the paper focuses on memory and speed optimization by optimizing and mapping the DNA sequences data before alignment. This optimization technique is designed based on novel data(More)
Ionosphere layer is an important medium in communication system. At this layer where the total electron content exist because of ionization by the Sun's extreme ultraviolet radiation, meanwhile the night side ionosphere electron content is reduced by chemical recombination. Maximum Total Electron Content (TEC) was detected at 0500 Local Time Clock (LTC) and(More)
This paper describes the findings of research on automated rubber seed clones identification using reflectance sensors and FPGA. The main objective of this project is to create an intelligent detector using simple sensors interfaced with Altera DE2 application board. In order to measure the average voltage level that can represent any rubber seed clone, the(More)
Data minimization technique and existing DNA sequence data representation is compared and presented in this paper. The architecture of these two modules is compared and analyzed to study the complexity and performance characteristics of the system when dealing with large DNA sequences data on FPGA. These two technique is designed, synthesized and simulated(More)
Engine oil is an essential type of lubricant normally used by internal combustion engines. The main job is to lubricate moving part of the engine. Engine oil is also performed to clean, inhibits corrosion and cools the engine by sinking the heat away from the main structure of the engine. However, the viscosity of the engine oil varies with respect to(More)
This paper presents the development of high performance accelerating technique for DNA sequences alignment. The scope of the paper focuses on speed optimization and memory reduction of the existing technique on initialization module. The novel development of the optimization using data compression technique for accelerates the Smith-Waterman (SW) algorithm(More)
Engine oil is used to lubricate and to seal internal combustion engines in order to reduce the friction between the surfaces of mechanical parts. Currently, the decision of changing the lubricant is based on mileage that recommended by the manufacturer where it will causes the frequent change that necessary. Many techniques of monitoring the lubricant(More)
This paper presents a characterization of watermelon leaf diseases through the RGB color. The aim of this study is to perform identification of selected critical watermelon leaf diseases in Malaysia namely the Downy Mildew and Anthracnose diseases. Several samples of infected leaves images were put under digital RGB color extraction where the images were(More)