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In avian species it has been difficult to elucidate the precise role of melatonin in the control of reproductive cycles. We have investigated ways of administering melatonin to immature chickens and laying hens to achieve physiological levels and patterns in blood simulating either short or long photoperiods. Melatonin was administered orally using(More)
1. In 2 experiments with Single Comb White Leghorn hens, the effects of different light:dark cycles (LD-cycles) upon oviposition patterns and plasma melatonin rhythms were studied. In experiment 1, a 28-h ahemeral LD-cycle (12L:16D) was used. In experiment 2, a normal 24-h LD-cycle (16L:8D) was applied and the effects of a sudden 8-h forward or backward(More)
The aim of the study was to establish, in contemporary broiler breeders, whether delayed photostimulation at 313 d results in a reproductive response similar to that after photostimulation at 134 d (standard practice). The standard lighting program was compared with a novel program in which daily hours of light were reduced to 3 h during rearing and kept at(More)
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