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Hexokinase 2 is an essential factor for signalling repression through the Saccharomyces cerevisiae high-glucose sensing pathway. The main regulatory mechanism that controls the HXK2 gene expression in yeast is mediated by the Rgt1 and Med8 transcription factors, which repress HXK2 expression in low-glucose containing media. In this study, we show that the(More)
The multilingual soil profile database (named SDBm Plus) is user-friendly software designed to store and retrieve in an efficient and systematic way the large amounts of geo-referenced soil attribute data collected in soil surveys and laboratories. The database has the following main characteristics: (i) running on Windows platforms; (ii) 'assist menus'(More)
The present work provides the generalization to the approach proposed by Frei and Chen to masks of any even dimension for line and edge detection in digital images. In the work presented in ICCS2004 we proposed the generalization to masks of odd dimension. With this work we are completed the decomposition of the euclidian space in direct sum of the three(More)
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