F. Montes

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Dehesas are agroforestry systems characterized by scattered trees among pastures, crops and/or fallows. A study at a Spanish dehesa has been carried out to estimate the spatial distribution of the soil organic carbon stock and to assess the influence of the tree cover. The soil organic carbon stock was estimated from the five uppermost cm of the mineral(More)
Sustainable forest management requires knowledge of forest structure and dynamics as well as an estimation of growing stock. The forest inventory provides the data for estimating stand variables. The measurement device MU2005-01738, patented by the Center for Forest Research (INIA-CIFOR), provides stereoscopic hemispherical images which can allow the 3D(More)
This paper describes a novel feature-based stereovision matching process based on a pair of omnidirectional images in forest stands acquired with a stereovision sensor equipped with fish-eye lenses. The stereo analysis problem consists of the following steps: image acquisition, camera modelling, feature extraction, image matching and depth determination.(More)
An intensive simulation study to compare the spatio–temporal prediction performances among various space–time models is presented. The models having separable spatio–temporal covariance functions and nonseparable ones, under various scenarios, are also considered. The computational performance among the various selected models are compared. The issue of how(More)
Forest structural parameters such as quadratic mean diameter, basal area, and number of trees per unit area are important for the assessment of wood volume and biomass and represent key forest inventory attributes. Forest inventory information is required to support sustainable management, carbon accounting, and policy development activities. Digital image(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in inmates, factors associated with TB, and the time to sputum smear and culture conversion during TB treatment. METHODS Prospective cohort study. All prisoners with respiratory symptoms (RS) of any duration were evaluated. After participants signed consent forms, we collected three(More)
It is assumed that global change is already affecting the composition, structure and distribution of forest ecosystems; however, detailed evidences of altitudinal and latitudinal shifts are still scarce. To develop a method based on National Forest Inventory (NFI) to assess spatio-temporal changes in species distributions. We develop an approach based on(More)
A drier climate together with intense management can be detrimental for species when they are found at their xeric limit. We analyzed the dynamics of Pinus sylvestris in Central Spain in relation to colonization by more drought-tolerant Quercus pyrenaica. The studied forest presents high biodiversity and is one of the last stands relict from a widespread(More)
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