F. Moiseev

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The Kinect™ sensors can be used as cost effective and easy to use Markerless Motion Capture devices. Therefore a wide range of new potential applications are possible. Unfortunately, right now, the stick model skeleton provided by the Kinect™ is only composed of 20 points located approximately at the joint level of the subject which movements are being(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to analyze the in vivo 3-dimensional kinematics of the head during cervical manipulation including helical axis (HA) computation and anatomic motion representation. METHODS Twelve asymptomatic volunteers were included in this study. An osteopathic practitioner performed 1 to 3 manipulations (high-velocity and low-amplitude(More)
STUDY DESIGN In vitro and modeling study of upper cervical spine (UCS) three-dimensional (3D) kinematics and muscle moment arm (MA) during axial rotation (AR) and flexion extension (FE). OBJECTIVE To create musculoskeletal models with movement simulation including helical axis (HA) and muscle features. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Integration of various(More)
— This paper presents a software tool that allows real time registration for anatomically and biomechanically correct modeling of the human lower extremities. Automated registration of heterogenous data is performed: motion capture, electrogoniometry and computer tomography data. Interactive result adjustment is also available.
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