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This paper describes a methodology developed to perform electro-thermal analysis of integrated circuits. This method is based on the relaxation approach. A circuit simulator and a thermal simulator which is a finite element program are coupled by an interface program. This method is applied to perform electro-thermal analysis of Si bipolar junction(More)
In this article, we generalize the Legendre wavelets operational matrix of derivatives to fractional order derivatives in the Caputo sense. Legendre wavelets and their properties are employed for deriving Legendre wavelets operational matrix of fractional derivatives and a general procedure for forming this matrix is introduced. Then truncated Legendre(More)
In this paper a methodology for performing electrothermal analyses on integrated circuits is introduced. Using the relaxation method, standard electrical and thermal simulators, which are often used in the design process, are coupled through an efficient interface program. The simulator is capable of performing steady-state and transient analysis at device(More)
Ant colony algorithms are a group of heuristic optimization algorithms that have been inspired by ants foraging for food. In these algorithms there are some agents, the ants, that for finding the suitable solution, search the solution space. Ant colony algorithms have some parameters like relative pheromone importance on trail and pheromone decay(More)
In this paper a new method for finding the distance between eyelids, in order to determine the open or closed state of eye, has been introduced. For this aim, first the gray scale image of eye region is converted into a binary image. Next, a differential variance projection function is applied on the binary image of eye region in horizontally direction to(More)
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