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BACKGROUND Recent studies on representative samples of psychiatric services have shown that low proportions of cases received effective rehabilitation interventions. The following are likely to be the most important causes: the scarcity of mental health workers trained in social and work skills strategies and the absence of a structured framework to(More)
BACKGROUND In Italy, few studies on the prevalence of psychiatric disorders have considered all of the most common disorders and very few have adopted the most common tools, that is, the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) and the Present State Examination (PSE). The objective of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of(More)
In order to maintain cellular homeostasis, excess or misfolded proteins must be removed and/or recycled. In myeloma, plasma cells produce large quantities of immunoglobulin, and excess unfolded immunoglobulin results in high levels of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. These proteins are removed either via the proteasome or via autophagy, suggesting that(More)
Since long-term survivorship is now a reality for an increasingly number of people with a history of cancer, understanding their quality of life (QoL) can inform health care policy as well as help supporting individual patients. This study was aimed to quantify QoL of this specific population in comparison with data provided for both the general population(More)
Opinions of patients and relatives about their experiences with health and social services were assessed in a pilot study. The study was carried out in collaboration with two patients' Associations of Neurofibromatosis, "Neurofibromatosi--Onlus" and "LINFA--Onlus". An ad-hoc questionnaire was developed by the Italian National Centre of Rare Diseases and was(More)
The t(4;14)(p16.3;q32.3) is found in 15% of presenting multiple myeloma (MM) cases and is associated with a significantly worse prognosis than other biological subgroups. As a consequence of the translocation, two genes are aberrantly expressed, the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3) and a multiple myeloma SET domain containing protein, MMSET(More)
Nurses' attitudes toward caring for dying patients have an impact on the quality of the care provided. Education can improve knowledge and attitudes toward end-of-life care. No validated tool that measures such attitudes is available for Italian nursing students. The aim of this study was to translate the Frommelt Attitudes Toward Care of the Dying Scale(More)
This paper concerns the first phase of a study about the perception of social and health needs of people with rare diseases. The study was performed by the National Center for Rare Diseases at the Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - ISS). The project wants to be an example of collaboration between the research and the(More)
A self-completed questionnaire for routinely assessing parents' opinions on the quality of care in child and adolescent mental health services was developed. A reliability study was performed, and the questionnaire was then introduced in the practice of 5 services. Parents' opinions were evaluated, and specific aspects of services more associated with the(More)