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We report on strong site-selective enhancement of the emission of localized excitons in an InxGa1-xN film, induced by resonant coupling to a single plasmon confined in a gold nanoparticle. The particle was attached to an atomic-force-microscope probe and placed at the near-field distance of the surface. The observation is explained by the enhancement of the(More)
We have observed a time-correlated frequency fluctuation in non-Markovian dephasing of excitons in InAs quantum dots using a six-wave mixing technique. In this measurement, the arrival times of the excitation pulses were controlled to eliminate the influence of Markovian dephasing and to measure the pure non-Markovian behavior. The experimental result shows(More)
We have investigated non-markovian dephasing by using time-resolved and spectrally resolved four-wave mixing measurements in a layered semiconductor GaSe. When the time interval between the first and second excitation pulses is increased, photon echo spectra exhibit narrowing only in a regime of a few picoseconds. In the initial dephasing of these signals,(More)
In self-assembled multilayer arrays of micrometer-sized spheres that include small amounts of fluorescent particles, unique six-dot-triangular and seven-dot-hexagonal patterns have been known to appear in the fluorescence microscopic images. Although it has been suggested that these two types of patterns correspond to local domain structures, i.e., face(More)
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