F. Marty Ytreberg

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The relationship between mutation, protein stability and protein function plays a central role in molecular evolution. Mutations tend to be destabilizing, including those that would confer novel functions such as host-switching or antibiotic resistance. Elevated temperature may play an important role in preadapting a protein for such novel functions by(More)
This report presents the application of polynomial regression for estimating free energy differences using thermodynamic integration data, i.e., slope of free energy with respect to the switching variable lambda. We employ linear regression to construct a polynomial that optimally fits the thermodynamic integration data, and thus reduces the bias and(More)
The differential adhesion hypothesis of development states that patterning of organisms, organs and tissues is mediated in large part by expression of cell adhesion molecules. The cues provided by cell adhesion molecules are also hypothesized to facilitate specific connectivity within the nervous system. In this study we characterize a novel mouse mutation(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations were used to characterize the structure and dynamics for several peptides and the effect of conjugating them to a gold nanoparticle. Peptide structure and dynamics were compared for two cases: unbound peptides in water, and peptides bound to the gold nanoparticle surface in water. The results show that conjugating the peptides(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations were used to determine the binding affinities between the hormone 17-estradiol (E2) and different estrogen receptor (ER) isoforms in the rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Previous phylogenetic analysis indicates that a whole genome duplication prior to the divergence of ray-finned fish led to two distinct ER isoforms, ER and(More)
  • Celeste J. Brown, Caleb J. Quates, Christopher A. Mirabzadeh, Craig R. Miller, Holly A. Wichman, Tanya A. Miura +1 other
  • 2016
Since the recent devastating outbreak of Ebola virus disease in western Africa, there has been significant effort to understand the evolution of the deadly virus that caused the outbreak. There has been a considerable investment in sequencing Ebola virus (EBOV) isolates, and the results paint an important picture of how the virus has spread in western(More)
Multi-species microbial communities play a critical role in human health, industry, and waste remediation. Recently, the evolution of synthetic consortia in the laboratory has enabled adaptation to be addressed in the context of interacting species. Using an engineered bacterial consortium, we repeatedly evolved cooperative genotypes and examined both the(More)
This report details an approach to improve the accuracy of free energy difference estimates using thermodynamic integration data (slope of the free energy with respect to the switching variable λ) and its application to calculating solvation free energy. The central idea is to utilize polynomial fitting schemes to approximate the thermodynamic integration(More)
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