F. Martin

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The purpose of this paper is to develop a exible design for test methodology for testing a core-based system on chip (SOC). The novel feature of the approach is the use an embedded microprocessor/memory pair to test the remaining components of the SOC. Test data is downloaded using DMA techniques directly into memory while the microprocessor uses the test(More)
The charge distribution in the water molecule has been analyzed using a broad variety of basis sets, four different quantum mechanical methods (Hartree-Fock, Becke3LYP, MP2, and QCISD), and six population analysis methods (Mulliken, NPA, AIM, CHELPG, Merz-Kollman, and Resp). The influence of the molecular structure on the calculated atomic charges has been(More)
In this article, the side preferences of feeding-related trunk movements of free-ranging Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) were investigated for the first time. It is hypothesized that a functional asymmetry of the trunk is necessary to perform skillful feeding movements more efficiently. This might be connected with a corresponding hemispheric(More)
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