F. Maltoni

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A standard file format is proposed to store process and event information, primarily output from parton-level event generators for further use by general-purpose ones. The information content is identical with what was already defined by the Les Houches Accord five years ago, but then in terms of Fortran commonblocks. This information is embedded in a(More)
Many highly developed Monte Carlo tools for the evaluation of cross sections based on tree matrix elements exist and are used by experimental collaborations in high energy physics. As the evaluation of one-loop matrix elements has recently been undergoing enormous progress, the combination of one-loop matrix elements with existing Monte Carlo tools is on(More)
  • S. Forte, A. Nisati, G. Passarino, R. Tenchini, C. M. Carloni Calame, M. Chiesa +13 others
  • 2015
This review summarizes the results of the activities which have taken place in 2014 within the Standard Model Working Group of the " What Next " Workshop organized by INFN, Italy. We present a framework, general questions , and some indications of possible answers on the main issue for Standard Model physics in the LHC era and in view of possible future(More)
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