F. Malaguerra

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15 This work presents a numerical model able to simulate the effect of biomass growth on the hydrau-16 lic properties of saturated porous media, i.e., bioclogging. A new module for an existing coupled 17 flow and reactive-transport code-PHWAT-was implemented. Laboratory experiments were used to 18 validate the model.. Good agreement with the experimental(More)
Data from the Danish National Borehole Database are used to predict drinking water well vulnerability to contamination by pesticides, and to identify the dominant mechanisms leading to well pollution in Zealand, Denmark. The frequency of detection and concentrations of 4 herbicides and 3 herbicide metabolites are related to factors accounting for geology(More)
A fully kinetic biogeochemical model of sequential reductive dechlorination (SERD) occurring in conjunction with lactate and propionate fermentation, iron reduction, sulfate reduction, and methanogenesis was developed. Production and consumption of molecular hydrogen (H(2)) by microorganisms have been modeled using modified Michaelis-Menten kinetics and has(More)
To understand the role of abundance of tfdA gene classes belonging to β- and γ-proteobacteria on phenoxy acid herbicide degradation, streambed sediments were sampled around three seepage meters (SMs) installed in a landfill-impacted groundwater-surface water interface. Highest herbicide mass discharge to SM3, and lower herbicide mass discharges to SM1 and(More)
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