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G. Zanchin7
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6F. Dainese
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This study evaluates osmophobia (defined as an unpleasant perception, during a headache attack, of odours that are non-aversive or even pleasurable outside the attacks) in connection with the diagnosis of primary headaches. We recruited 775 patients from our Headache Centre (566 females, 209 males; age 38+/-12 years), of whom 477 were migraineurs without(More)
We present a computerised programme designed for use in the office of a general practitioner. The system provides an assisted diagnosis according to the ICHD-II criteria for the principal forms of primary headaches (migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache) and highlights the red flags of a possible secondary headache. A relevant feature is that(More)
Cluster headache (CH) is a well characterized primary headache disorder. Nevertheless, symptomatic CH has been reported in association with various underlying diseases. Symptomatic cluster headache related to ocular pathologies have been rarely described. We report a case consequent to a surgical operation for cataract.
We conducted a study on 367 patients (86% female, 14% male; mean age 37+/-15 years) suffering from migraine with and without aura and chronic tension-type headache to evaluate the incidence of weight gain, an undesirable side effect observed during prophylactic therapy in primary headaches. Patients treated with amitriptyline (20 and 40 mg), pizotifen (1(More)
We present the case of a patient who had a 3-year history of episodes of transitory unilateral mydriasis with omolateral blurred vision followed by headache. Thereafter, during the last 4 years, the patient developed a migraine with visual aura, without further episodes of transitory mydriasis. We suggest that the transitory mydriasis previously present(More)
This work proposes a methodology for the analysis of the uncertainty in the localization of objects when considering uncertain image data, camera and object geometry parameters. The uncertainty is propagated through an extended static Kalman lter initialized with the parameters used for the localization and updated with new matched features obtained by(More)
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