F. MacDonald

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The aim of this study was to determine whether word stem completion for novel associations between cue and target words was mediated by automatic unconscious memory processes or effortful memory processes under conscious control. This was done by applying full and divided attention conditions at test to stem completion, cued recall, and recognition, and by(More)
Software inspection is an eeective method of defect detection. R e c ent research activity has considered the development of tool support to further increase the eeciency and eeectiveness of inspection, r esulting in a number of prototype t o ols being developed. However, no comprehensive evaluations of these tools have been carried out to determine their(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Few studies of the implementation of alcohol brief interventions (ABI) have been conducted in community settings such as mental health, social work and criminal justice teams. This qualitative interview study sought to explore the impact of training on ABI delivery by staff from a variety of such teams. DESIGN AND METHODS Fifteen(More)
There is a robust body of evidence supporting alcohol brief intervention (BI) in primary health-care settings, but fewer studies have explored delivery elsewhere. This qualitative evaluation followed up staff in one integrated health and social-care service in Scotland to find out if and how multidisciplinary training in alcohol BI impacted practice, and if(More)
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