F . M . van Dunné

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A standardized assessment of the subjective experience of schizophrenia and depression was developed in three stages: (1) An open-ended interview covering changes in nine areas of psychological functioning was given to acute, remitted, and chronic schizophrenic patients, and to depressed patients. (2) On the basis of their replies, a structured interview(More)
The advent of automated locomotor activity methodologies has been extremely useful in removing the subjectivity and bias out of measuring this parameter in rodents. However, many of these behavioural studies are still conducted in novel environments, rather than in ones that the animals are familiar with, such as their home cage. The purpose of the present(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggest that brain serotonin neurotransmission may mediate the actions of lithium carbonate. Acute tryptophan depletion reduces brain serotonin and allows the study of this neurotransmitter in patient groups. AIMS To examine the effects of acute tryptophan depletion on mood and suicidal ideation in bipolar patients who were(More)
Sixty schizophrenics and 40 depressives in remission from the floridly psychotic phase were given a semi-structured interview concerning their abnormal perceptual experiences at the onset of their illness. About 50% of each set of subjects had experienced an alteration in the quality of their perception. However, there was a fairly characteristic pattern in(More)
Interleukin-10 (IL10) is assumed beneficial for a successful pregnancy; it may increase fertility and fecundity. Allele frequencies of IL10 polymorphisms at position −2849, −1082 and −592 were analyzed in association with a past history of fertility and fecundity in men and women of at least 85 years old. Fertility was decreased in association with the(More)
Interleukin-10 (IL10) is assumed beneficial for a successful pregnancy; it may increase fertility and fecundity. Different IL10 promoter polymorphisms were analysed in association with fertility and fecundity in male and female subjects. From 1986 to 1999, all inhabitants of Leiden, The Netherlands reaching the age of 85 years were enrolled in the Leiden(More)
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